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EFL-IS Intersection Sponsored in Partnership with

NNEST-IS and Second Language Writing IS


 March 25, 1:00 - 2: 45 pm Rm 102A,

Boston Convention Center


Click here to check the local time in your country



Re-envisioning EFL in Digital Age

Challenges, Options and Opportunities


Technology advancement is constantly reshaping EFL teaching environment worldwide and posing tremendous challenges on EFL professionals. How should EFL teachers adapt their curriculum and methodology to meet these challenges? This workshop examines major challenges EFL professionals face in Digital Age, and explores teachers’ options and opportunities to meet these challenges. (50 words)


Interest Sections: English as a Foreign Language, Nonnative English Speaking Teachers, Second Language Writing

Presenters: Ke Xu, Aiden Yeh, Linglan Cao, Erik Johnson, Barbara Dieu, Carla Arena, Dafne González


This session will be webcast. Click here to learn how to participate in the webcast presentation. Or follow the links on the sidebar, Elluminate_Tutorial, Webcast